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Calls for proposals are issued once or twice a year, for each run cycle of the accelerator. Deadlines will be posted on this page.


  • LANSCE User Office
  • Mail Stop: H805
  • (505) 667-6797
  • Email

Proposal process

The proposal consists of information about the research team, amount of beam time requested and a description of the proposed experiment. Urgent post-proposal-call beam requests may be addressed through a "Fast Access" proposal process if necessary. Please contact the, (505) 667-6797, for more information and help with your proposal.

First-time users

If you are a first-time facility user, we encourage you to contact a flight path scientist to discuss your planned work to help ensure that the most appropriate flight path is chosen. View a list of flight path scientists.

Proposal submission

Every activity on any flight path requires a proposal. Proposals are submitted online.

LANSCE accepts proposals for the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center, Proton Radiography Facility (pRad) and the Weapons Neutron Research Facility (WNR).

Material Science
Lujan Center

Lujan Center call for proposals is open:

Proposal Submission »

Unclassified Proposal Submission »

Classified Proposals Submission
Unclassified versions of classified proposals must be submitted using the LANSCE proposal submission site »

For classified versions of such proposals, please contact Don Brown (, 505.667.7904) for specific directions on submission.

Read the call (pdf).

Proton Radiography

pRad call for proposals is closed.

Proposal Submission »

PAC Review: Week of March 6th, 2017.

Unclassified Proposal Submission »

Classified Proposals Submission
Unclassified versions of classified proposals must be submitted using the LANSCE proposal submission site »

Classified versions of such proposals must be sent to Alexine Salazar (

Nuclear Physics
WNR and Lujan Center

WNR call for proposals is closed.

Proposal Submission »

NPAC Review: Week of April 3, 2017, during which the proposers are expected to give short presentations in person or by phone.

Read the call (pdf).

Proposal review

All proposals are reviewed for scientific merit by the Program Advisory Committee (PAC). In the case of proprietary proposals, such as the case for industry, users pay for beam time and no scientific merit review is conducted.

Program Advisory Comittee

The PAC is divided into three subcommittees:

  • Basic Science
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Weapons Neutron Research

The goal of these committees is to select those experiments that are thought to be the most important in a particular field, will have the greatest impact in the particular area of research, and have the greatest chance for success. The PAC rates the proposals and these ratings are used as input to the scheduling process. Users are given an opportunity to present their proposal either in person or by telephone before the committee and to answer questions.

If a proposal is rated highly, it will be scheduled for beam time. Before the experiment is actually run, it must undergo a safety and technical review. If the experiment is "routine" in the sense that it is very similar to experiments that have been done before and does not have any significant safety or compliance issues, it will be approved for beam time. If there are safety, compliance, security, or other concerns, the experiment will be reviewed in more depth by a committee of subject matter experts. The result of the safety review may be additional requirements, procedures, and documentation.

If you have any questions please contact the LANSCE User Office,, (505) 667-6797.