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2018 LANSCE User Group Meeting

November 5 - 6, 2018
Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

November 7, 2018
LANSCE Facility Tour, Los Alamos, New Mexico*


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  • (505) 667-6797
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The LANSCE Facility continues to carryout a critical mission for the Nation and a leading program of fundamental research.

The Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) provides intense sources of neutrons and protons to support Los Alamos National Laboratory’s national security science mission.  LANSCE is a NNSA designated national user facility and our user community is a critical component of LANSCE.  Research performed by users includes basic research that probes the fundamental laws of physics, applied nuclear science, the characterization of material properties, and a neutron irradiation capability that supports an industrial user base.  In addition, LANSCE is a major supplier of medical isotopes and radionuclides for nuclear research. 

This meeting of the LANSCE User Group is an opportunity to discuss your research with the broader user community and for LANSCE management to gather input on future capability enhancements that will benefit the user community.  Please join us in Santa Fe to share your science and provide us with the feedback we need to grow our capabilities.

Chair, Gus Sinnis (LANL)


Day 1 - Monday, November 5th, 2018

8:00–9:00am Working Breakfast
Dr. Gus Sinnis - Opening Remarks and Agenda Review
9:00–9:30am Dr. Gus Sinnis – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nuclear Energy
Session Chair: Dr. Sven Vogel – Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:30–9:50am Prof. Maria Okuniewski – Purdue University
Where we have been and where we could go with LANSCE based research at Purdue
9:50–10:10am Prof. Raluca Scarlat – University of Wisconsin-Madison
What LANSCE could do to advance Molten Salt Reactors
10:10–10:40am Coffee Break
10:40–11:00am Prof. Peter Hosemann – University of California Berkeley
Opportunities at NSUF for nuclear energy R&D
11:00–11:20am Dr. Adrian Losko – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Isotope Densitometry using Energy-Resolved Neutron Imaging
Stockpile/Applied Science: Materials Science
Session Chair: Dr. Bjorn Clausen – Los Alamos National Laboratory
11:20–11:40am Prof. Cev Noyan - Columbia University
Neutron Diffraction Analysis of the Eigenstrain Method
11:40-12:50pm Lunch (not provided)
1:00–1:20pm Dr. Julian Chen – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Biology Futures at Lujan Center
1:20-1:40pm Dr. Rod McCabe – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Spatially dependent textures of an α-U hemisphere
1:40-2:00pm Dr. Kyle Ramos – Los Alamos National Laboratory
In situ phase contrast imaging of spall and cracking – complementary use of X-rays and Neutrons
2:00-2:20pm Dr. Darby Luscher – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Microstructure Characterization of TATB
2:20-2:40pm Dr. Kyle Johnson – Sandia National Laboratory
Coupled Numerical Prediction and Experimental Measurement of Residual Stresses in Additively Manufactured Parts
2:40-3:00pm Dr. Levi Neukirch – Los Alamos National Laboratory
New Developments and Results at Proton Radiography
3:00-3:30pm Coffee Break
Stockpile/Applied Science: Nuclear Science
Session Chair: Dr. Eric Pitcher – Los Alamos National Laboratory
3:30–4:00pm Dr. Eva Birnbaum, Dr. Etienne Vermeulen – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Isotope Production Facility Capabilities and Nuclear Physics Targetry
4:00–4:20pm Dr. Andrew Voyles – University of California Berkeley
Isotope Production Activities at LANSCE-IPF: Development of a new Nb(p,x)90Mo Monitor Reaction and La(p,x) Production Cross-Section Measurements
4:20–4:40pm Prof. Ben Crider – Mississippi State University
Neutron capture cross section measurements of stable Cd isotopes relevant to safeguards applications
4:40–5:00pm Prof. Marian Jandel – UMass Lowell
Revealing fission and capture properties at DANCE
Poster Session
6:30pm Dr. Tom Williamson - New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
Preliminary results of Neutron CT for Paleontology at LANSCE


Day 2 - Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

8:00–9:00am Working Breakfast
Opening Remarks and Poster Presentation Information
Global Security Science
Session Chair: Dr. Ann Junghans – Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:00–9:20am Dr. Fredrik Tovesson – NNSA
Overview of the NNSA Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation R&D (NA-22)
9:20–9:40am Laura Dominik – Honeywell Corporation
Testing Avionics Equipment for Atmospheric Radiation Effects
9:40–10:00am Dr. Drew Onken – Wake Forest University
Neutron Diffraction and Imaging to Examine Crystal Growth for Radiation Detectors
10:00–10:30am Coffee Break
10:30–10:50am Dr. Ren-Yuan Zhu – California Institute of Technology
Ultrafast Radiation Hard Inorganic Scintillators for Future HEP Experiments
10:10–11:10am Dr. Michelle Espy– Los Alamos National Laboratory
Non-destructive testing with X-rays and Neutrons
11:10–11:30am Dr. Jeffrey George – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Proton SEE Testing
11:30-11:50am Dr. Paul Koehler - Los Alamos National Laboratory
An Opportunity to Solve Important, Long-Standing Problems in Radiochemical Diagnostics, Nuclear Forensics, and Nuclear Astrophysics by Combining DICER, IPF, and the New 1L Target
11:50–1:00pm Lunch @ The Hilton
Dr. Stephen Milton – Los Alamos National Laboratory
LANSCE Accelerator – Status and Future Plans
Fundamental Science
Session Chair: 
Prof. Sally Seidel – University of New Mexico
1:00–1:20pm Dr. Martin Hoeferkamp – University of New Mexico
What LANSCE Makes Possible: Novel Radiation-Hard Detectors for LHC Discoveries
1:20-1:40pm Dr. Steve Clayton – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Neutron Lifetime Experiments at LANSCE
1:40-2:00pm Prof. Robert Cooper – New Mexico State University
CAPTAIN-Mills: A New Initiative to Search for Sterile Neutrinos at the Lujan Center
2:00-2:20pm Danielle Schaper – University of Kentucky
A Precision Measurement of the Parity Violation Present in the 0.734 eV p-wave Resonance in 139La in Preparation for the NOPTREX Time Reversal Experiment
2:20-2:40pm Dr. Sven Vogel - Los Alamos National Laboratory
(for Dr. Raquel Alonso-Perez
– Harvard University)
Characterization of the World's Finest Gold at LANL
2:40-3:00pm Dr. Takeyasu Ito – Los Alamos National Laboratory
A new experiment to search for the neutron’s electric dipole moment at LANSCE
3:00-3:30pm Coffee Break
Panel Discussion
3:30-4:30pm Moderator: Dr. Gus Sinnis – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Future Capabilities and Strategy
Dr. Eva Birnbaum – Los Alamos National Labortory
Prof. Maria Okuniewski – Purdue University
Dr. Norbert Seifert – Intel Corp.
Poster Session


Day 3 - Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

7:30–7:45am Breakfast to Go
8:00am Departure for Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:00–11:00am LANSCE Facility Tour


Poster Presentations

Nicholas Bachus
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Neutron diffraction residual stress study of additively manufactured 304L stainless steel thin wall cylindrical samples featuring a notch
Kevin Bennett
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nickel-56 Production and Separation to Measure the (n,p) Cross Section
Christopher Biwer
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Developing automation and data exploration capabilities for diffraction analysis
Jinesh Dahal
Colorado School of Mines
Investigating Evolution of Martensite Volume Fraction with Neutron Diffraction and High Energy Diffraction Microscopy (HEDM) experiments during Biaxial Loading of NiTiNOL
Tom Fairbanks, Adam Watkins, Claira Safi, and Magdalena Dale
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Compendium of Recent Neutron testing of Electronic Parts at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Keegan Kelly
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Recent Advancements in Chi-Nu Prompt Fission Neutron Spectrum Measurements
Lance Kingsbury, Jay Lin
University of California, Berkeley
Radioactive Material Handling Mechanism (RaMHaM) for LANSCE
Izabela Kruk
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Studies of actinides with neutron reflectometry
Hao Lu
Indiana University
Measurements of Parity-Odd Asymmetries of 81Br and Other Heavy Nuclei
Ellen O'Brien
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Two-Way Multi-Physics Coupling for Modeling High Power RbCl Isotope Production Targets
Daniel Savage
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Developing automation and data exploration capabilities for diffraction analysis
Sanna Sevanto
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Measuring root and flower water uptake with neutron radiography
Maria Strantza
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Using Diffraction to Probe Additively Manufactured Materials Over a Range of Complexity
Ke-Xun Sun
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
MCNP Modeling of Thermal Neutron Fluence at LANSCE FP5 Beanline Front End Using UNLV Cherry Creek Super Computer
Ke-Xun Sun
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Photoluminescence and Ultrafast Transient Absorption Investigation of HVPE-Grown GaN Substrates Irradiated by Ultrahigh Fluence Fast Neutrons at LANSCE East Port Beamline
Hector Valencia, Ke-Xun Sun
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
GaN Scintillation Experiments with Fast Neutrons at LANSCE 30L Beamline
Hector Valencia, Ke-Xun Sun
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Fast Neutron Radiation Hardness Experiments of GaN Devices at LANSCE 60R Outdoor High Fluence Section
Mario Valles
University of Nevada Las Vegas Montenegro
Radiation Hardness Experiments of GaN Devices at LANSCE 60R Outdoor High Fluence Section
Tashiema Wilson
University of South Carolina
Temperature-Dependent Crystal Structure of U3Si2 by High-Temperature Neutron Diffraction
Lukas Zavorka
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Physics design of the next-generation spallation neutron target-moderator-reflector-shield assembly MARK-IV


*If you are planning to participate in the LANSCE Facility Tour, please contact Nina Roelofs as soon as possible to submit your LANL badge request and Foreign Visit Request for non-US citizens.