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2018 LANSCE User Group Meeting

November 5 - 6, 2018
Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

November 7, 2018
LANSCE Facility Tour, Los Alamos, New Mexico*


  • LANSCE User Office
  • Nina Roelofs
  • LANSCE User Program Coordinator
  • (505) 665-9967
  • Email
The LANSCE Facility continues to carryout a critical mission for the Nation and a leading program of fundamental research.

The Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) provides intense sources of neutrons and protons to support Los Alamos National Laboratory’s national security science mission.  LANSCE is a NNSA designated national user facility and our user community is a critical component of LANSCE.  Research performed by users includes basic research that probes the fundamental laws of physics, applied nuclear science, the characterization of material properties, and a neutron irradiation capability that supports an industrial user base.  In addition, LANSCE is a major supplier of medical isotopes and radionuclides for nuclear research. 

This meeting of the LANSCE User Group is an opportunity to discuss your research with the broader user community and for LANSCE management to gather input on future capability enhancements that will benefit the user community.  Please join us in Santa Fe to share your science and provide us with the feedback we need to grow our capabilities.

Chair, Gus Sinnis (LANL)

Sven Vogel (LANL)
Don Brown, Bjorn Clausen (LANL)
Eric Pitcher (LANL)
Etienne Vermeulen (LANL)
Ann Junghans (LANL)
Sally Seidel (UNM), Chen-Yu Liu (Indiana University)

Agenda Sessions - Confirmed Speakers

LANSCE and LANSCE Futures Dr. Gus Sinnis (LANL)
Nuclear Energy Prof. Peter Hosemann (UC Berkeley)
Prof. Maria Okuniewski (Purdue University)
Stockpile/Applied Science
― Materials Science Prof. Cev Noyan (Columbia University)
Dr. Rod McCabe (LANL)
Dr. John Yeager (LANL)
― Nuclear Science Dr. Eva Birnbaum/Dr. Etienne Vermeulen (LANL)
Dr. Andrew Voyles (UC Berkeley)
Prof. Ben Crider (Mississippi State University)
Dr. Shea Mosby (LANL)
Prof. Marian Jandel (UMass Lowell)
Dinner Talk Dr. Tom Williamson (University of New Mexico)
Global Security Science Dr. Fredrik Tovesson (NNSA)
Dr. Drew Onken (Wake Forest University)
Dr. Laura Dominik (Honeywell Corporation)
Dr. Ren-Yuan Zhu (CalTech)
Fundamental Science

Dr. Martin Hoeferkamp (University of New Mexico)
Danielle Schaper (University of Kentucky)
Dr. Raquel Alonso-Perez (Harvard University)
Dr. Takeyasu Ito (LANL)
Prof. Robert Cooper (New Mexico State University)

Registration will open shortly.

* If you are planning to participate in the LANSCE Facility Tour, please contact Nina Roelofs as soon as possible to submit your LANL badge request and Foreign Visit Request for non-US citizens.