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LANSCE User Group, LUG

LUG is an association of LANSCE users who share information about their neutron-related science, and advise LANSCE on allocation of beam time, facility upgrades and new beam lines, experimental programs and user meetings.


  • LANSCE User Office
  • (505) 667-6797
  • Email

LUG Membership

LUG is comprised of current users. Users listed on beam-time proposals are automatically enrolled for two years. Additional Users who would like to become LUG members should contact the LANSCE User Office:

LUG Executive Committee

LUG provides direct input to LANSCE management, primarily through LUG's Executive Committee. Users are invited to contact EC members to bring issues to the attention of LANSCE management. The LUG Executive Committee is typically comprised of twelve members; one member is a student or postdoctoral researcher. The new members will serve three-year terms and the graduate student or postdoctoral researcher will serve a one-year term. Membership terms are staggered to maintain continuity. The members are elected by the vote of the LUG membership, with candidates chosen to reflect the principal scientific activities at LANSCE.

LUG Meeting

The annual LUG meeting highlights LANSCE research and includes a forum to help advise LANSCE management and scientists of potential future directions, opportunities, and your needs. Meeting attendees participate in workshops.