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Lujan Center at LANSCE

The Lujan Center is one of five user facilities supported by the LANSCE accelerator, which is stewarded by NNSA. Together these instruments provide capability for basic and applied neutron science relevant to academia, national security, and industry.


  • Materials Scattering Team Leader
  • Don Brown
  • (505) 667-7904
  • Email


The Lujan Center delivers science by exploiting the unique characteristics of intense beams of moderated pulsed neutrons for academia, national security, and industry.


The Lujan Center will operate a world class user program in the service of the nation. Lujan Center scientists will be recognized for their leadership and innovation in neutron scattering.

Lujan Center User Capabilities

The Lujan Center instruments operate in time-of-flight mode, receiving neutrons from a tungsten spallation target. Four moderators provide epi-thermal, thermal and cold neutrons to specialized beamlines. The facility operates for a total of 3,000 hours per year.

Instrument Suite

  • SMARTS - Flight Path 2 Spectrometer for Materials Research at Temperature and Stress

    Engineering diffraction
  • HIPPO - Flight Path 4 High-Pressure-Preferred Orientation instrument

    Crystallography, engineering and strain, disordered materials
  • ERNI - Flight Path 5 Energy-resolved Neutron Imaging

    Neutron radiography and tomography, neutron resonance spectroscopy, detector development
  • Asterix - Flight Path 11 Neutron reflectometer / cold neutron imaging