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About LANSCE Radiation Effects Testing

Los Alamos Neutron Science Center Radiation Effects User Program strives to provide world-class facilities and cutting-edge research.


  • Radiation Effects Instrument Scientist
  • Steve Wender
  • (505) 667-1344
  • Email
  • Radiation Effects Instrument Assistant
  • Kranti Gunthoti
  • (505) 665-8594
  • Email
  • User Office Liaison
  • Valerie Salazar
  • (505) 667-6797
  • Email

Radiation Effects Facilities Program at LANSCE

The facility has been used for more than a decade by a virtual Who’s Who of the semiconductor industry to simulate the potential failures posed by cosmic-ray-induced neutrons upon semiconductor electronic devices, such as chips that help control aircraft or complex integrated circuits in automobiles.

The shape of the neutron spectra on the 30o flight paths at the Weapons Neutron Research (WNR) facility at LANSCE are very similar to the neutron spectrum produced in the atmosphere by cosmic rays but with a neutron flux of over a million times higher. This large flux allows testing of semiconductor devices at greatly accelerated rates. There are two flight paths devoted to neutron radiation effects testing: ICE House and ICE-II. The ICE House is located at 30o to the left of the proton beam and ICE-II is located at 30o to the right of the proton beam.  Both provide a cosmic-ray like neutron spectrum.

A more detailed discussion of neutron radiation effects testing at the ICE House is in following web pages and in the Radiation Effects and Electronics Testing Handbook. 

Radiation Effect and Electronics Testing Handbook 

Neutron Single Event Effects Testing at LANSCE (pdf)

For technical questions contact Steve Wender or Elena Guardincerri.

How to Access the Radiation Effects Testing Capabilities at LANSCE

The first step in obtaining time for an experiment is to submit a beam time request proposal. A call for non-proprietary proposals is sent out by LANSCE once a year before the beginning of the run cycle. Proprietary/Industry proposals can be submitted year around.

  1. Proposal Submission
    You need submit a proposal online for both proprietary and non-proprietary experiments. Visit the the LANSCE Proposal webpage for details and links to the LEMS online proposal system.
    Please fill in all required information about the work done, collaborators, and special requirements.
  2. User Registration
    Any user visiting LANSCE must register in the LEMS system before their visit.
    (LANL site access approvals for non-US citizens take between 4 - 12 weeks)
  3. Shipping of Equipment
    Equipment for the experiment must be shipped to LANSCE with enough time beforehand to be available for the scheduled beam time. At least 3 (three) business days beforehand are recommended.
  4. User Agreement
    • Industry users execute a Proprietary User Agreement (PUA) before coming onsite. LANL needs to receive payment for the experiment before the start date of the experiment and a fully executed PUA.
    • University and other DOE Laboratories need to have a valid Non-proprietary User Agreement (NPUA) with LANL in place.
  5. Review
    Non-proprietary Proposals will be reviewed by the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) and if awarded, scheduled according to available beam time.
  6. LANSCE Site Access
    Please follow the arrival checklist here.

For any administrative questions regarding the proposal and user agreement process please contact Nina Roelofs.

For questions regarding LANSCE site access requirement, foreign national visitors, LANL badging, and equipment shipping please contact Valerie Salazar.