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Device for Indirect Capture Experiments on Radionuclides (DICER)

A general-purpose flight path that was configured for making total cross section measurements.


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Instrument Specifications

The Device for Indirect Capture Experiments on Radionuclides (DICER) is being developed to measure neutron transmission in the resonance region on small radioactive samples. At present, there is a 6-mm-diameter collimator 30 m from the upper-tier liquid-hydrogen moderator and a 6Li-glass detector at 64 m. Collimation and shielding improvements to reduce backgrounds are ongoing and a beam-flux monitor is being developed. Future plans include an automated sample changer and alignment mechanism, a computer-controlled filter box, smaller sample collimators, and the flexibility to use shorter flight-path lengths. Current DICER proposals should propose samples at least 8 mm in diameter, be on the order of 0.004 to 0.03 at/b thick, and have an average s-wave resonance spacing less than 100 eV to maximize the odds of a successful measurement.

cross section detector FP-13

Total cross section detector set up at 63m in FP-13.