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Lujan Center Instrument Suite

At the core of the Lujan Center is a 20-Hz spallation neutron target and the LANSCE proton accelerator, which operates at an energy of 800 MeV with typical beam currents of 100 – 125 µA.


  • Nuclear and Particle Physics and Applications Group Leader
  • Bill Louis (acting)
  • (505) 667-6723
  • Email
  • Materials Scattering Team Leader
  • Don Brown
  • (505) 667-7904
  • Email

The Lujan Center's highly optimized tungsten spallation target provides a high peak flux with a broad wavelength bandwidth per frame. Two liquid hydrogen moderators provide high intensity cold neutron beams ideally suited for nuclear physics, reflectometry, inelastic scattering, and small angle scattering.

Water moderators provide thermal neutrons for neutron imaging, nuclear physics and diffraction beamlines. In addition, because of its low repetition rate, long wavelength neutrons can be used without significant frame overlap allowing the collection of data over a broad range of time constants and length scales, ideally suited for total scattering and diffraction studies.

The Lujan Center offers access to a large variety of specialized, sample environments, including low temperatures down to 40mK, magnetic fields up to 7 T, high temperature furnaces up to 2400° C and uniaxial stress (F_max=250 kN) and fluid as well as anvil cell pressure capabilities (30 GPa-2000 K).

Lujan Center Instuments