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High-Pressure-Preferred Orientation

Materials in extreme environments and geoscience


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HIPPOHIPPO - High-Pressure-Preferred Orientation is the first third-generation neutron time-of-flight powder diffractometer constructed in the United States. It achieves very high neutron count rates by virtue of a short (9 m) initial flight path on a high-intensity water moderator and 1200 3He detector tubes covering 4.8 m2 of detector area from 40° to 150° in scattering angles.

HIPPO was designed and manufactured as a joint effort between LANSCE and the University of California with the goal of doing world-class science by making neutron powder diffractometry an accessible tool to the national user community.

D-spacing ranges from 0.12-4.80 Å (1.31-52.4 Å-1) to 1.2-47.5 Å (0.13-5.3 Å-1) are available to support studies of crystal orientation distribution (texture), amorphous solids, liquids, magnetic diffraction, small crystalline samples, and samples subjected to non-ambient environments such as temperature above (<1150C) and below (>~20K) ambient temperature or magnetic fields (<1.5T). The exceptionally high data rates of HIPPO also make it useful for time-resolved studies. HIPPO's sample chamber also accomodates user-provided sample environments.