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Target 4 Flight Path 90L (TPC)

Target 4 Flight Path 90L is primarily used for fission cross section measurements.


  • Instrument Scientist
  • Chris Prokop
  • (505) 667-6810
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  • Instrument Assistant
  • Brad DiGiovine
  • (505) 665-0555
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About Target 4 Flight Path 90L (TPC)

The flight path length is approximately 7 to 15m long. Instruments used on this flight path have included fission chambers and the fission Time Projection Chamber (TPC).

Partial view of FP90L (2013)

Fission chambers placed on FP90L have been used to measure cross-sections, yields, and total kinetic energy of fission fragments. The fission TPC is used to measure energy-differential neutron-induced fission cross-sections with unprecedented precision. The Neutron Induced Fission Fragment Tracking Experiment (NIFFTE) collaboration, comprised of scientists and students from six universities and four national laboratories, has developed this novel detection system, a permanent fixture on FP90L.

NIFFTE Time Projection Chamber

The fission cross section of U-236 measured at LANSCE. Also shown is the ENDF/B-VII evaluation of that cross section.

chart of neutron flux

Measured and simulated flux profile at ~10m on FP90L.

fission fragment tracks

Fission fragment tracks from a 252Cf source placed in the fissionTPC.