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Target 4 Flight Path 60R

GErmanium Array for Neutron Induced Excitations (GEANIE) is the first large-scale, escape-suppressed, high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometer to be used at a white neutron source.


  • Instrument Scientist
  • Nicolaos Fotiadis
  • (505) 665-0598
  • Email
  • Instrument Assistant
  • Cort Gautier
  • (505) 667-2092
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Target 4 Flight Path 60R (GEANIE)

Target 4 Flight Path 60R utilizes the neutrons that scatter off the tungsten spallation source at approximately 60 degrees to beam right. The experiments utilizing this flight path are located 15-meters from the target in experiment building MPF-29 at the Neutron and Nuclear Science Facility (WNR) at LANSCE. The flight path shutter has fixed collimation that can be changed by inserting different sized collimators.

GEANIE currently consists of 26 high-resolution Ge detectors surrounded by BGO escape-suppression shields. Depending upon the experiment, roughly half of the Ge detectors used are of planar geometry for excellent resolution at low gamma-ray energies, and the others are coaxial for greater efficiency at higher gamma-ray energies.

GEANIE detector

Instrument scientist Ron Nelson demonstrates GEANIE at Flight Path 60R