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Call for Rosen Scholar Nominations

The fellowship is intended to attract visiting scholars to LANSCE in the fields of nuclear science, materials science, defense science and accelerator technology.


  • LANSCE User Office
  • Nina Roelofs
  • LANSCE User Program Coordinator
  • (505) 665-9967
  • Email

The 2019 call for nominations is open. 

The Rosen Scholar is reserved for individuals recognized as scientific leaders in a field of research currently performed at LANSCE and who exemplify the innovative and visionary qualities of Louis Rosen. Both experimental and theoretical scientists are encouraged to apply. The Rosen Scholar is expected to be resident at LANSCE and bring his/her scientific expertise to LANSCE as well as the broader Los Alamos scientific community. The position will support the Rosen Scholar at their current salary including relocation expenses for up to one year. Beginning and end dates and duration (12-month maximum) for the scholarship are flexible. Please include in your nomination package proposed dates and duration for your time at Los Alamos.

Nominations are due by August 15, 2018.

Nomination packages should include a cover letter describing the qualifications of the nominee, a research proposal (2 pages), a curriculum vita with a publication list (including citation count) and invited talks.

The research proposal should address at least one of the following two points:

  1. Advancement of LANSCE's research portfolio or mission, and
  2. Future capabilities that advance LANSCE-based scientific research (including MaRIE).

The nominee should arrange to have 3 letters of reference sent to:

Submit Nomination Packages to:

Large format files: to