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Target 2

Target 2 provides experimenters direct access to the 800 MeV proton beam as well as several flight paths.
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Target 2 Overview

Target 2 is housed in the Blue Room in MPF-7 at LANSCE and provides experimenters direct access to the LANSCE proton beam. The Blue Room is a domed room with a diameter of 40 feet. The main floor of the Blue Room is constructed primarily of aluminum and elevated 20 feet above the basement floor to minimize neutron wall return for experiments sensitive to such effects. The proton beam enters the Blue Room from the northeast and then exits to the southwest on its way to Target 4. During Target 2 operations, the beam line is removed in the middle of the Blue Room and experiments are installed at the center of the room in the path of the beam. The Blue Room also has several secondary flight paths for use in coordination with targets installed at Target 2.

Target 2 can use either the LANSCE linac beam directly, or the high peak intensity stacked beam from the Proton Storage Ring (PSR). The linac beam to the Blue Room can normally be run up to 80 nA with substructure available for experiments that require it. Normal linac operations provide 800 MeV protons, but the facility is capable of delivering protons with energy from 200 MeV to 800 MeV. The PSR beam can run from pulse-on-demand up to 40 Hz, and up to 1 μA average current. PSR beam pulse intensity can be as high as a few 1013 protons/pulse.

experimental area Target 2