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Target 2

Target 2 provides experimenters direct access to the 800 MeV proton beam as well as several flight paths.


  • Instrument Scientist
  • Ron Nelson
  • (505) 667-7107
  • Email
  • Instrument Assistant
  • Steve Wender
  • (505) 667-1344
  • Email

Target 2 Publications

  • Jonathan W. Engle, Stepan G. Mashnik, John W. Weidner, Laura E. Wolfsberg, Michael E. Fassbender, Kevin Jackman, Aaron Couture, Leo J. Bitteker, John L. Ullmann, Mark S. Gulley, Chandra Pillai, Kevin D. John, Eva R. Birnbaum, and Francois M. Nortier,"Cross sections from proton irradiation of thorium at 800 MeV",Phys. Rev. C88, 014604 (2013).