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Sole Use Operation at LANSCE

One of the greatest strengths of the LANSCE facility is that it can produce proton beams with a wide range of time structures.


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Sole use operation is when beam conditions are such that the Lujan Center (Target-1) cannot receive beam. For example, when PSR beam is transported to Target-2, the 1-L magnet is turned off and beam goes through the dashed line to Target-2. Since the 1-L magnet is not pulsed no beam can go to Target-1.

Another example of sole use operation is when proton beam energies other than 800 MeV are used for Target-2 experiments. In this case, the magnets upstream from RIKI in the beam line are set for non-800-MeV operation, and since they are the same magnets that are used for transporting beam to Target-1, Target-1 and the Lujan Center cannot be used.