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Shipping of Equipment and Samples

Los Alamos Neutron Science Center is the major experimental science facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory, underpinning the Laboratory as a world-class scientific institution.
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  • Valerie Salazar
  • (505) 667-6797
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Shipping in and out is delayed this 2022 run-cycle. Expect a one week delivery time.

How to Ship Equipment and Samples

  • Shipping address:

    Attention: [Name of Point of Contact]
    SM-30 TA-53 01U
    Bikini Atoll Rd.
    Mail Stop: H805
    Los Alamos, NM 87545

  • Always address the shipment to your point of contact. Otherwise the LANL mail distribution system is unable to deliver the shipment.

  • Forward the delivery notification from the shipper to your POC so we can follow up at LANL.

  • Please be sure that samples are properly labeled (material, owner, ideally proposal number). If there are special handling instructions, please discuss with the instrument scientist PRIOR to shipment and document them within your shipment.

  • If the samples are radioactive, they MUST be shipped as radioactive materials.

  • If your experiment requires markings on the sample, e.g., to designate the sample orientation during the experiment, please provide markings that cannot be lost (e.g., electric discharge machining marks, scratches, etc.) and indicate how your sample should be mounted. This is especially important for mail-in samples that need to be oriented by the instrument scientist without the user.

  • Please note, that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forbids shipping stand-alone lithium metal batteries, UN3090, and stand-alone lithium-ion batteries, UN3480, classified as Section II shipments via air. Section II shipments are smaller shipments of lithium batteries. The updated regulation became effective January 1, 2022. This regulation applies to all global shipments
    regardless of origin and destination.